20276 Timberlake Rd Lynchburg, VA 24502

The brewery will be a family friendly respite where people can gather to enjoy good food and drinks while playing games or just sitting and sharing conversation. Approximately half of the 3500 sq ft will be dedicated to social gaming space as well as community events such as live music and open mic nights.


  • Bar Trivia App
  • Arcade Emulators (4)
  • Smart Outlets- manage gaming access. Families/young adults could bring their own systems and we can rent screen time.
  • Skee Ball (2)
  • Pool Tables (2)
  • Pop-a-shot (1)
  • Skill Games
  • Virtual Reality
  • Claw Machines
  • Batting Cage/Cornhole/Bocce Lane

While revenue in the initial projections only includes brewhouse sales, we anticipate significant revenue from local distribution, games, private parties, percent of food from truck sales.