20276 Timberlake Rd Lynchburg, VA 24502

Tap beers are between $5 and $8 with and feature many local and regional breweries!

We have shandies, IPAs, cider, sake cocktails and more!


Today we are super excited to feature other craft breweries' recipes. In the future though, we anticipate having at least a few of our own concoctions on tap at any one time. We project having 6 staple beers and up to 6 rotation beers. Eventually we will carve out our own niche in the Virignia craft brewing space. Our staple beers will likely hail form the following categories but hey, we’re nano, we can adapt:

Rotations will be drawn from the above classes as well but will also show the pharmacist owner flair with additional innovative traditional and non-traditional influences. We’ll be a bit mad scientist and a bit eccentric chef, incorporating botanicals, nutrients, and extracts to push the envelope of beer art and science.